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Below is a list of useful settings for the game

How to use a console

To open the console you need to press ~ (tilde) key on your keyboard (near key 1) After you'll see the window at the top of the screen, this is a console where you can type commands below to optimize game settings.
* If you can't figure out how to work with console, you can download autoexec.cfg with already all optimizations and put it in your baseq3 folder.

Network settings

To optimize the network settings of the game, you can use commands:

\rate 25000
\snaps 40
\cl_maxpackets 50
(if you have a good internet connection and PC, you might try to set it to 100, if bad - 40)
* if you're using a wired connection also type \cl_packetdup 0 (this command turn off a duplicates of some packages)
* Please keep in mind that increasing cl_maxpackets more than 60 might cause a higher ping, but if your PC is good enought game will run more smoothly. It's a personal option, so you can just skip it or configure it as you wish.

rate - max size of sending packages in BPS (Bytes per second)
snaps - value of snapshots from server to client (Snapshot describes what happens on server)
cl_maxpackets - max amount of refreshes, which are sending from client to server
defaults: rate 3000, snaps 20, cl_maxpackets 30

Change name color

If you want to make a colorful nickname then use:
^ and a value from 0 to 7
You can type "^" symbol by pressing shift + 6 on your keyboard

^1 - Red color
^2 - Green color
^3 - Yellow color
^4 - Blue color
^5 - Cyan color
^6 - Magenta color
^7 - White color
^0 - Black color

How to disable blood

If you want to disable blood and gibs use this command:

\com_blood 0 (1 for enable)

If you want to disable a rewards (Excellent, impressive, etc...) use this command:

\cg_drawrewards 0 (1 for enable)

How to turn off camera bobbing

If you want to turn off the camera bobbing when you're moving, type these commands:

\cg_bobup 0
\cg_bobpitch 0
\cg_bobroll 0

Defaults: cg_bobup 0.005, cg_bobpitch 0.002, cg_bobroll 0.002

Fast weapon switch

By default you can change your weapons by pressing buttons from 1 to 9 or use a mouse wheel.
If you want to switch weapons more faster, you can use binds. Let's say, you want to use rocket launcher by pressing R key instead of 5, then you need to:
Press ESC -> Setup -> Controls -> Shoot

Or you can do it via console (\bind BUTTON weapon 1-9)

\bind e weapon 9 - when you'll press "e" you'll change weapon to BFG
\bind q weapon 7 - when you'll press "q" you'll change weapon to Railgun
\bind r weapon 5 - when you'll press "r" you'll change weapon to Rocket Launcher

List of a game weapons:
1 - Gauntlet (Sometimes this weapon is called saw)
2 - Machine gun
3 - Shotgun
4 - Granade Launcher
5 - Rocket Launcher
6 - Lightning gun
7 - Railgun
8 - Plasma gun
9 - BFG

How to increase FOV

To increase FOV use this command:

\cg_fov 100 (default 90)

If you want to change ZOOM FOV (When you press ZOOM key) use this command:

\cg_zoomfov 35 (default 22.5)

These commands allows you to change FOV, so you'll be able to see more on your screen.
Try to use different values from 90 to 120 and choose which is fitting better for you. For the cg_zoomfov try from 30 to 45
* Higher value will give you a better view, but it with really high value it'll be hard to hit opponent. Not recommended to use FOV 120(Even higher than 110 isn't recommended)
* If you're using widescreen monitor (With size 16:9) cg_fov 102 will be equal to cg_fov 90(if 4:3)

How to increase FPS

First of all use this command:

\cg_drawfps 1

The command above will display your FPS at the top right corner of your screen. Then try to find which FPS is more stable for you. Just play and watch sometimes on your FPS. Then you can use this command:

\com_maxfps 125 (Default 85)

This command will set up a max FPS which you'll have.
Values: 250\125\111\76 - are for high jumps
Values: 200\166\142\100\90 - for normal jumps
* If your ping is 150 and FPS is more than 125 your connection might be unstable. Use FPS value more than 250 isn't recommended.
* If your FPS count sometimes getting too low, then you can try use lower value (90 for example). Just try to find a value which will be more stable for you.

At the end of the setup, you can hide the frame counter by entering the command:

\cg_drawfps 0

If the frame counter sometimes still getting too low, you can try to use this command:

\r_primitives 2 (default 0) - This command might increase your FPS in some moments. Basically this will change the way of picture rendering.

How to record a demo

Record\stoprecord could be binded on any keys, for example:
Record on f5 - \bind f5 "g_syncronousClients 1; record; g_syncronousClients 0"
Stoprecord on f7 - \bind f7 stoprecord

To play a demo:
\demo [demoname] (Example: \demo demo0000)

Files with recorded demos usually stored in the game folder baseq3\demos, or [mod name]\demos.
Example: NoGhost\demos, SoD MoD 1.01\demos.

Below are the scripts for the demo record and playback. (Sent by teaser, modified by 322)
Script to assign start and stop of the record to the f6 button:
set startdemo "play sound/misc/menu1; g_syncronousClients 1; record; g_syncronousClients 0; set demotoggle vstr stopdemo"
set stopdemo "play sound/misc/menu3; stoprecord; set demotoggle vstr startdemo"
set demotoggle vstr startdemo
bind f6 vstr demotoggle
Script to control demo playback speed:
bind end "toggle cl_freezedemo"
bind leftarrow "echo < Slow; timescale .5"
bind downarrow "echo > Normal; timescale 1"
bind uparrow "echo >> Fast Forward; timescale 2"
bind rightarrow "echo >>> Hi-Speed Fast Forward; timescale 3"
Arrows - speed selection, End - freeze the currents frame

To use scripts, you may add it's contents to q3config.cfg or autoexec.cfg (stored in baseq3 folder of the game)
Or you may create a .txt file in the baseq3 folder, copy the text of the script to a file, rename the .txt file to demos.cfg, start quake 3 and enter the command \exec demos.cfg

Modify brightness and gamma in game

If your game is looking very dark\bright or you have an issues when you're closing the game and your Windows gamma is changed as well, then try to use these commands:

Option 1:
\r_overBrightBits 0
\r_gamma 1

Option 2:
\r_ignorehwgamma 1
\r_gamma 1

Defaults: (To restore settings)
\r_overBrightBits 1
\r_ignorehwgamma 0
\r_gamma 1

r_gamma - (Default 1) setting up a display gamma (You can use value more than 1, for example: 1.1, 1.2, only if r_overBrightBits 0)
r_ignorehwgamma - (Default 0) is disabling a hardware gamma correction all gamma settings in game will be ignored because game will use your OS gamma
r_overBrightBits - (Default 1) used to change the brightness of game objects (players, weapons, armor, etc.)
vid_restart - will just restart a video settings and apply new changes

Other commands for changing brightness:
r_mapoverbrightbits (Default 2) - used to change the map brightness (Walls, floor, etc...)
r_intensity (Default 1) - allows you to change OpenGL brightness (You can use value more than 1, for example: 1.1, 1.2). Applying after vid_restart